The Heartland Leadership Group grew out of a recognition that the owners and leaders of small and mid-market companies all struggle with the same issues but often feel as though they are alone at the top of the org chart. HLG wants to walk alongside you to facilitate growth, help you transition through change, and empower you to grow leadership within your own team. Leadership can be lonely, but you donít have to walk alone.

Heartland Leadership Groupís Commitment to Your Business is Three-Fold. 
- Empowering personal potential through guided questioning and discovery, Consulting - Applying wisdom and experience to a problem or opportunity and Content - Sharing knowledge to enable self-directed execution

  Do You Need a Coach?
Do you ever leave an industry event excited about all of the knowledge and new ideas you have gained, only to go home and find it difficult to execute?

Do you desire to grow your company but need advice?

Do you desire to leave a legacy that will last?

Has your business plateaued?
Why Businesses Hire Us
Personalized Coaching and Consulting from People who Care
The field of consulting is already crowded with many great offerings. Why is the Heartland Leadership Group needed? Through our unique blend of content, consulting, and coaching, we have a multi-layer offering that meets each business leader right where you are and targets your need. With over 90 years of combined business experience, HLGís team of seasoned professionals have led their own companies through a wide variety of situations and have a track record of success.
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Corporate Headquarters
653 Oak Road
Harlan, IA 51537

Phone: 712-794-7991
Fax: 712-744-3295

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Phone: 712-794-7991

Business Hours:
8am to 5pm Central Time (US)

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EAGLE series: Accountability event


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